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My new metal alto

Hey there woodwind forumers. I just got this bad boy in the mail today. Anyone know anything about these horns? I’m also gonna try find a donor wooden alto from the same time and company to take the missing keys and put them on. Hope you guys can tell me anything about it. I’m super excited and have big plans for this horn. Hope you like it.


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Brassica Oleracea
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From http://www.clarinetpages.net/metal-clarinets/good-metal-clarinets. Here's one in perfect shape ... with a couple other horns.

basses metal.jpg

As with all pre-WWII instruments, there's the possibility your horn is a high pitch horn. You've got a lot of work to do before that's playable enough to determine if it's high pitch. Hopefully you have "LP" or "Low Pitch" stamped on the horn.

From our dearly departed Terry,

Note too that it has the much-desired open tone holes. I've played open tone hole alto clarinets before, and I cannot think of a less productive way to spend my musical time

He wasn't fond of alto clarinets :D.

Because I was able to see so many metal Kohlert alto clarinets just by searching "metal alto clarinet" in Google and three others are listed on this forum, I don't think it'll be that hard to find another one.

I have a Kohlert timeline here, if you're interested in some history.
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