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Need Recommendation: Clarinet Repair In Seattle


I posted on a student Bb Artley Prelude I have which apparently isn't worth much so I guess I'll hang onto it.

Unfortunately, one joint needs to be recorked. I'm in the Seattle area. I looked around for a place to do it, but the 3 places I contacted seem very high end... they each wanted to do an 'overhaul' rather than just doing that one quick fix. I know they have my best interest at heart, but I really just want -that- one thing fixed so I can mess around with it if I want.

In short: can someone recommend a place in the Seattle area that caters to poor people who only want a make do fix? (LOL)



PS: And no, I don't want painters tape. :D I just want a guy who isn't trying to upsell me on a repair that's more than the price of the instrument. No disrespect to repair people at all!
Yeah, I forgot to tell you to mention that you got the recommendation from the guy that set up his website ten years ago. ;)
Apparently -everyone- in Seattle do websites for someone. In any event, a certain amount of shilling is to be expected on fora such as this. :D

My only issue with Matt is that his place is way the hell up and gone (at least for me). Very nice guy, though.