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New Alto Saxophone has crooked bell

Should my new Alto horn have a crooked bell- it sweeps to the right ( horn strapped on ) seems to play O.K., All my other horns, the bell aligns with sax body. What do you think?


Brassica Oleracea
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What's the make and model of the horn? That might help. Pics always help, too.

There's one sax make and model that instantly springs to mind and that's the Dolnet M70, which does have a "crooked" bell.
Thanks Pete, This is a new horn out of the box. It was developed by a well, known youtube, sax influencer. He developed this horn w/ conn-selmer. Like I said, it does play well, has a lot of nice design feature's, I just can't get past the crooked bell. I did contact him about this, and while he did not say it was designed that way, said that the bell's on all horn's, are not aligned perfectly the same. Which I am fully aware, I realize that one or another, could be off, or different by a centimeter or 2 or 3, but not like this! If you sight up, from the bottom of the bow, using the point, of the reinforcement strip, aligninging with the body of the horn,.. this bell is off by alot. I don't want to use the designer's name, and I do have the option to return the horn, I just wanted to get some feed-back from some other sax aficionado's, before I send it back or keep it, or ask for another.


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Carl H.

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It's fine. Most do that to varying degrees. Only becomes an issue when it rotates on a stand.
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