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New to Woodwinds.


Clarinet CE/Moderator
Staff member
I have a 1970-Bach Mercedes II Cornet, my first instrument, A 1960-Buesher Super Aristocrate Trumpet, and a 1940-C.G. Conn French Horn.
I have a student Yamaha trumpet (for son who switched)
a student Yamaha cornet (for me)
and a 70s or 80s Bach Strad Cornet.

I prefer the Cornet's tone over the Trumpet's tone. but I don't play them much anyways, I always have to have a fingering chart next to me. LOL
I primarily play at church where I do not get music, so I have been able to perfect my ability to hear a song usually the first time through, identify the key signature and play the main theme right off. Then I generally improvise and add things to the songs. We have a community band that formed and there I can play actual music again. I am self taught on all of my instruments except the training I receive in my formative years of school on the trumpet