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Noblet 1987 Clarinet parts needed

My Noblet 1987 Clarinet cracked and the crack is pretty long. I showed it to my local music store and he says it cannot be fixed. Any ideas what I should do? Is there any place where I can still find the upper section for this clarinet.

Thanks so much
​​On a horn that age, you would think that such a part as a joint. However, whilst browsing through the wilds of eBay, I have seen joints for the long-out of production Selmer (Paris)Series 9 instruments, so anything'° possible.

That said, I don't think that looking would worth the time. If the crack is that bad, "drop it and grab another" (as they used to say in the rat catching game).
I need to find an, "I agree," button. "Thanks" isn't quite right.

If you're really, really interested in getting a joint for the horn, you can:

a. Find a parts horn on eBay that is around the same serial number as your horn.
b. E-mail Leblanc through Conn-Selmer and ask if they've got the part. They might. You'll have to strip all the keys off your broken joint and affix them to the new part, though. You might have to also install all the posts and springs.

In other words, not really worth it.

The most expensive Noblet wooden Bb clarinet on eBay sold for $439 (a Noblet 4). I can buy a lot of good clarinet for that, like this overhauled Couesnon A & Bb clarinet combo.
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How bad is this crack? It's very rare that a crack can't be fixed though it might be pricey. Does it go right through to the bore or through a tone hole? If not, it can probably just be filled with super glue. If it's too bad for that then that it might need pinning and even tone hole inserts. In that case it might not be economical to fix. I'd get a second opinion though.
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