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Noblet Bass Clarinet

Hello to all

I've recently purchased a Noblet Bass Clarinet
I tried to guess when it was made, but even after reading the other posts and checking some internet links, I could not.

The emblem (checked on this site :
http://www.clarinetperfection.com/clsnLeblancNoblet.htm#EmblemNoblet ) is the same as the Noblet 45 (ND at the top of the Emblem)

The serial number is 735
Seems far from the first of the list proposed here http://www.clarinetperfection.com/snclarinet.htm#SNNoblet

Can it be a much older one ?

One more thing, it'as made in France, back in France, but it comes from the US, if this info can help....
Thanks to all of you !
so ?


Is it too difficult too find, or did I miss something in my explanation ?



Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Yo, Steve. Your expertise is requested ....


Old King Log
Staff member
That's not a novelty/utility patent number (which are all straight numeric listings - they're up around 9,000,000 these days), and it doesn't track well with the design patent numbers that I recall.

Novelty/utility patents are for a functioning mechanism or procedure - they protect ideas. Design patents protect appearances (how the item looks). N/u's are hard to get (you have to prove that your idea is novel, hence the one moniker), while design patents are very easy to get - all you have to do is to show that your item has a unique appearance.

Unless there is some new functioning mechanism on the horn (which I doubt - you have to have a novel function, not just an alteration to the appearance of a rod or lever), it most likely refers to some sort of design filing - a different curve to the bell, or something like that.