Noblet Paris S# 42189 Made in France

Recently I was given a "Noblet Paris" clarinet S# 42198 that was bought years ago in Ohio. I've Googled "Noblet Paris" and several variations there'of.. but am unable to find little if any real background information on it.

The barrel, upper & lower joint and bell have the letter "N" with a circle around it. Underneath is the name "Noblet" in big letters and then "Paris" in smaller letters under that. The upper and lower joints have the S# 42198 on them, while the upper joint has "Made in France" printed just above the octave key.

The instrument itself is in "A+" excellent condition. Obviously (after all these years), it's going to need pads.. but other than that, it still plays good, (well as good as I can play it!) :wink:

What I was looking to find out was:

Age/when it was manufactured.. What the original retail price might have been when bought.. What might be its worth today.. etc., etc.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

Shi-Ku Chishiki
Sounds like a Noblet 40 to me too

1964ish from the sn list

Noblet 40s, even in pristine condition, are not worth very much. maybe $150 if you are lucky - though I have not tracked them recently. The earlier Noblets, with an oval emblem are a little more sought after .. but not much $$ more.

in 1960 a brand new Noblet 40 retailed for $194.50 ( this is the older oval emblem)

brochures ( this is the older oval emblem)
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