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Pad Set Numbers ?? What To Order Online ??

I have just come home with a metal Getzen clarinet. the Pads are shot. Got it for about $15 USD. Don't want to spend any money on it and I'm better than good with tools, owning my own machine shop. When i went to Ebay, I saw a ton of pad sets out of China. They come in various sizes and materials. Each one of these ads started with a number.... I guess indicating pad set specs. I don't know what to order. Any ideas ? Are these sets all junk and I should buy somewhere else ? advice ? Thanks.
While we are at it, I have another soprano and 2 altos that can use new pads and a general setup. I have outstanding, super precise measuring tools. What I could really use is a good link or a text that provides step by step instructions on how to go about this task. If nothing else, info on trouble shooting clarinets would be great.


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I have another soprano and 2 altos
Clarinets or saxophones? I know this is in the clarinet section, but just wanting to make sure. Brands/models?
I can think of no better resource than www.musicmedic.com for a beginner tech shopping for pads. They are not as cheap as the chinese ebay stuff, but it arrives sooner and the quality is always good. They also have books and instructions.
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