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Page of Soprillo Greats' Recordings


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Re: Page of Soprillo Great's Recordings

When I originally got my Soprillo, my first objective was to play the horn in tune. It was a ferocious undertaking when the notes went above high A.

Soprillos sound like saxophones, and they play Eb sopranino parts easier than a sopranino after you transpose the music. Like any extreme saxophone, the Soprillo requires practice and dedication. Nigel Wood is an example of the possibilities. I tend to stick to the easier music because I don't have time to practice as much as I want.


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Re: Page of Soprillo Great's Recordings

Groovekiller said:
Soprillos sound like saxophones
Cute. :p

One of the things I like about the (specifically) C melody tenor, Conn-O-Sax and Bb bass is that they can be played in such a way as to bring out additional "color". In other words, you could play a Conn-O just like any other alto and make it sound like ... an alto or play it like a Conn-O and make it sound like a cross between a sax and a double-reed.

I've mentioned, in a couple of my rare CD reviews, that I really don't like it when people play, say, a bass like a baritone or double/triple/quadruple on instruments to make it sound like one big sax with an immense range. It's not "wrong"; I just don't enjoy it as much.

Hey, the G mezzo sounds like a sax, too, but it has a certain interesting color in the middle/low range that really appeals to me.
blue skies is one of my personal favorit...
it has humour, swing, melody, nice ideas, well played... just great!
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