Pan American Alto

I recently bought a Pan American alto on eBay as a project horn to rebuild.
this will be my first attempt to restore a sax and Like some suggestions like
what pads would work best and a source for replacement springs pivot screws etc. also I would like any other Info. you might have on this sax
The serial # P4971 . I will post some Pictures if I can figure out how.
This is My first post in this forum If this is not the right place for this post then please move it to where it needs to be.
The post is fine, here. No worries.

I can say something about the horn: it's old. It's also somewhat unusual because you'll note that the patent date is Dec. 8, 1914 -- the Haynes tonehole patent, rather than the Pan American patent. That means that the horn is essentially a New Wonder stencil, rather than like other Pan Americans, which were made under a different patent.

As I said, it's old. The lack of pearls suggests probably no later than 1920. It'd be interesting to see if it has a front altissimo F key. I rather doubt it does, but I can't tell from these pics :).

I'm not a repairman, so I really couldn't recommend sources for parts. is where I've checked in the past, but I've not bought anything from them.

Pads? I'm not sure, either. MusicMedic does sell Conn Reso-Pads, but those are really for a newer Conn -- if you're going for authenticity, that is. However, if you call them and ask, they might be able to help.

Finally, these horns aren't insanely valuable. I don't know how much you'd like to sink into it.
I only have about 80 dollars in it so far. It is more about learning to do a restoration and ending up with a good playing sax. All the key work is intact and appears to work except for a couple of broken springs I will post some more pictures maybe one will show what you need to see,The resopads appear to be the closest to what is on it right now except no resonators. I was looking at the roopads but they seamed a little pricey for me Right now.
It is my understanding that repairing these old "American" saxes involves knowing other repairmen who can pass on what parts that they have available in their junk pile.
Provided that the horn you're wanting to repair is missing parts :). (And if you have a horn that needs parts, try to buy a junker on eBay that has the part you need -- but the horn HAS to be around the same serial number as the needy horn, especially if you're talking about a horn from the 1920's or earlier.)

Further talking on the PA alto, tho: that G# cluster is from the Conn Wonder Improved horns, not the New Wonder. While that patent stamped on the horn is the Haynes tonehole patent and that PA might have had the toneholes drawn from the body, as per that patent, the overall design of the horn dates to 1891.

This also means that you really need to check with MusicMedic or wherever before getting pads for it. Reso-Pads might not fit.
getting input from some one with more experience is one of the main reasons for posting here and on Sotw (Yes it is me both places). Surprisingly this horn has one thumb size ding in the bow i don't know yet if I am going to fix it or leave it (If any body knows somebody in the Austin or San Antonio TX
area that's good on dents I might get that done since I don't the tools for that) Other wise all the parts are here If the pads weren't in shreds It would almost be playable after a couple of springs are replaced.If it is as old as I think it is then it is in really good condition!
Theeeere ya go. Doc is also the person that made a straight C melody out of a Pan American (it was featured in one of my calendars).
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