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Philly company digitizes 25,000 old records and they're free to download


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Twenty-five thousand songs recorded onto 78RPM discs in the early 20th century have been released online, for free.

They are the first batch of an estimated 400,000-piece virtual record collection to be made available by the Internet Archive, from gospel by the Tuskegee Institute Sings, to opera recorded in Italy, to novelty tunes by Spike Jones, to hot — though obscure — jazz.



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The original article is 404'd. I took a picture of the cached Google page. Attached files in both PNG and PDF. The link to all the records is https://archive.org/details/georgeblood and/or http://great78.archive.org.

I'll also take the opportunity to say that you should donate to archive.org. I have. They've helped immensely with my research.


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