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Please help me date/name this elderly BC.

Hello, I have just received this clarinet. I bought it quickly because it appeared at first glance to be a pre-r13. I still think it is, but maybe pre pre ;-) The only numbers on the instrument are "101" on the bottom of the lower section and the bell. There are absolutely no serial numbers in the typical places. Any help would be appreciated. Here are the photos:

Thanks and have a great day everyone!!


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The keywork on yours shows a lot of similarities with my 1918 Eb, with the obvious exception of yours having a straight rather than wrap-around register key.
1928 with serial 101 might be right, though as petermcc said, that wouldn't make much sense to have it on the side of the lower joint and bell.


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Let's try [MENTION=146]Steve[/MENTION]. He might be a bit busy, tho.

You can also take a look on Steve's website, clarinetperfection.com. The big problem I have is that if the horn's a 1928 model, it falls into a little area where Steve doesn't have pictures. If you had a wrap-around register key it'd be much easier for me to confirm 1928.


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here are a few key identifiers and my guestimate

1 - the throat keys share a post --> pre R13
2 - the trill key guide is sheet and not a slotted barrel --> pre R13, before 1955 but this one is an even older design
3 - the throat key had no adjuster --> 1939ish and before
4 - the left pinky keys have one pivot point --> 1934 and before
5 - the thumb rest is one screw above and one below --> 1931ish and before
6 - the lower right pinky key uses a flat spring (which is gone) and the screw shows a dot on the top side
which looks like this when there .. unsure on exact year-ish but along # 5.

7 - The 12th (out of 13) pictures actually shows part of the serial number to the right of the chunk that was removed when someone removed the probably stuck bell which looks like "9424" aka manufactured in the year 1931, which fits per the pictures.
8 - you have some tonehole damage; the lower joint ring was removed and a shimmy was added to make it tight, and it was put back on backwards.
9 - the "101" was inscribed on there by someone

you can look through the pictures as identifiers here ==> http://www.clarinetperfection.com/clsnBuffet.htm

So 1931
That was fun ...
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