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Pruefer Festival Clarinet Barrel

I got a great deal on most of a Pruefer Festival Bb clarinet. But, and there is always the "but", it is missing the barrel. I would really like to have an original one. I don't want to play a Frankenhorn.
I have checked with one local person and I need a little more information before I can resolve this. What length and what bore size do I need? I looked on "Clarinet Pages", a super source of information about clarinets, and they only have information on a Festival with a one piece body.There is no center joint, like there is on mine, on the one that they tested. Does my bisectional, yes, I was VERY careful about the spelling of that word, Festival use the same size barrel as the unibody Festival? Does anyone out there have one like mine that they can measure for me? Does the original barrel have the same metal lining as is in the body in either version?
Thank you to the kind moderator or whoever it was that straightened out my fumble fingered posting.
I believe that I have unraveled a couple of the mysteries that surrounded my last acquisition. The first was, the Pruefer Festival that I got for a song is indeed a Pruefer Festivall. However, There are, much to my surprise, more than one permutation of "Pruefer Festival". The one that I read about was a unibody, hard rubber clarinet with a brass insert that reached down to the third finger of the right hand. This one had rave reviews that it was everything you could want in a jazz clarinet and they are very cheap. What I received was a hard rubber two piece body with no insert and there is no mention anywhere that they even exist. Well, that's what I get for presuming that I knew what I was getting into. One would think that I would notice that little detail about one piece body from looking at the photo, but................. Oh well, I'll just put it over in the corner next to the three or four others that I have set aside for "learn how to take apart and put together and generally putz with". And, who knows, I have a couple more Pruefers that I want to rebuild, which is one of the main reasons that I have the several "junkers" set aside for experimentation etc. I may need some spare parts someday.


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The problem with clarinets and the reason why I haven't done something as extensive as saxpics.com for clarinets is because there are WAY more clarinet manufacturers and models out there than for sax. This is a bit of a shame because there are a lot of really beautiful clarinets out there that don't get enough love or, as in your case, have a really interesting mechanism that folks should take note of.

FWIW, the flavor of the last few weeks is the Couesnon clarinet. There are quite a few and they're pretty decent for jazz and other stuff. And they're cheap. So, if you're interested in restoring a good clarinet ....
I already have enough "victims" to keep me busey for quite while vivisecting them. I just have to get off of my duff and get back to work on them. My plan is to take them apart, clean them up a little bit, and put them back together again. I bought up a few "school band retirees" from here and there for, well, not very much. So, if I manage to get at least a couple of them back into working condition, I'll then take a shot at a couple of "oldies, but goodies" that I have stashed away. I have just finished an Eb Alto clarinet and I have his brother on the workbench ready to reassemble. I did not completely disassemble the one I just finished. O only took part of it down to the body. The one on the bench is a bit more bother, to say the least. Wish me luck.
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