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PSA: Non-B&S Guardala Sax Alert


Brassica Oleracea
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But it really does look nice. Pics and links to articles here.

The eBay one is made in ROC, not Germany. When you know to look at the bell-to-body brace and the C/Eb key shapes, it's really easy to spot the differences.


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Apparently Guardala also some of his saxes post-B&S made by Amati. I have yet to figure out which ones those were. To the best of my knowledge, the horns shown in my article are Asian-made Guardalas and not Amati-made ones.

That said, it doesn't matter if it was made by Amati or by some unknown Asian company in Taiwan or China, if it wasn't made by B&S, it isn't the Guardala horn that people think it is. Period. Full stop.

I'm also not sure if those New York series horns for sale now aren't perhaps counterfeits. Just a thought...
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