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Repost on the Selmer eefer

Hello, all!

I'm looking for an ID and information on this Selmer Eb clarinet. Here's the details:

The owner is a broke HS program (is there another kind?)

I was told it's a Series 9, but the serial number is X7xxx, so after the introduction of the Series 10.

However, unlike Bb Series 9/10s I've seen it doesn't say what model it is.

The throat tones were WAY flat, starting at F#. That made me suspicious about the thumb tube. I pulled the tube, cleaned it up and put it back in straight (it had been a little off). I decided (and the owner agreed) that it's better, but not great.

Series 9? 10? Something else?
Ideas on flat throat tones?

Then also:
Possible value of such a thing? The traditional Ebay search is kind of useless, as there have been so few listing for a horn like this. (There were three relists of the same horn by the same seller, all starting at around $1000 and no bids.)
The few I found similarly did not have a series # engraved on the horn.
The condition is that it needs a repad, but is not beat to hell.


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the large register nut is CT / Series 9 era. I can't recall the 10 but I don't think it has this attribute.

the register key height to the register vent is ever so critical on the Ebs & Cs. I suggest raising it a bit. sand the cork under the thumb area thinner, this should raise it some to at least see if there is a variation.

i would say research ebay for a value, but you have. If a no bid at $1k then the value would be less than that.