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Review of a Couple Current Production Student Model Tenors


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This week I play-test 2 different student model horns at my tech's shop. The were both brand new, still wrapped in the original plastic, student model tenor saxophones. They were the Gemeinhardt GST600-LQ and the Selmer TS400.

I just posted a full review of them them on my weblog if you're interested in reading about them.

Spoiler alert: The Selmer was horrible. I thought it would do better. It didn't. The Gemeinhardt--I didn't even know that the company was selling saxophones, but they are the one that now even sell LA Sax--was actually decent.

I still can't get over the prices of new, Asian-made horns that have almost no hand-made or even hand-assembled elements. Profits for these companies per instrument must be awfully good....
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