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Rock/Blues Recording Session

Basically a lot of pot. Nothing was out in the open but you could tell what was going on. I'd like to think that was all that was around but who knows. I stay away from that scene. If I'm going to blow cash I would rather buy a prime steak from my local butcher. Maybe put away an expensive bottle of wine for a future anniversary. Something a bit more worthwhile to me.
That reminds me of a recording session I had with a reggae band.

After recording tracks in the soundproof room I was asked into the engineer's room with the members of the band to hear the recording. The place was filled with smoke, the engineer and I were the only ones visible (white).

They asked me to play flute on a track and suddenly the producer was holding a mic in front of my flute in the same hand that was holding a smoldering joint.

I still don't know how I pulled it off.
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