Salt Marsh Rag (5 winds and rhythm section)

Roger Aldridge

Composer in Residence
Distinguished Member
Salt Marsh Rag is now available. It has an early jazz feeling, quirky humor, and a touch of contemporary.

The piece is scored for 5 wind instruments and jazz rhythm section. The rhythm section is optional. Parts are available for various instruments within the range of each horn line. This enables the music to be played by many kinds of groups: sax section, brass quintet, clarinet or flute ensemble, woodwind quintet, saxes & brass, or a custom mix of tone colors. LOTS of possibilities!

Here's a link to the score: Marsh Rag Score7.pdf

Happily, the Composers and Schools in Concert organization discovered this piece and asked for it to be used in their program. As their director told me, there is nothing else like Salt Marsh Rag in their library of new music. I'll take that to be a good thing! ha ha

If you have an ensemble that would like to try this piece please contact me for score & parts.

Thanks, Roger
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