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Selmer Artys


Private woodwind instructor
The C85s' are nice mouthpieces. My daughter uses the 105 on her Selmer Omega, and I use mine on a set of vintage Selmer full boehms.
Currently on the Signature I'm using a Portnoy 03.


Old King Log
Staff member
Oddly enough, the one that I have (German style, bought a long time ago) has long time passing been relegated to the mouthpiece box. Even with the proper German reeds (stiff as a board), I never felt that it performed up to par.

For my Oehler needs, I've gravitated to a Vandorn mouthpiece, lay unknown, that works well both with the German style reeds and my sorry lip. Prior to the advent of the internet, I didn't even know that they offered them.
Just thought I'd follow up his thread by saying that, after a couple weeks, I'm even more happy with the Artys. It plays great and it has really invigorated my interest in the instrument. I've found myself forgetting often to limit my play time during the break in period 'cause I'm having so much fun with it. I don't think I'd call my 9 a backup instrument. But, it may end up that way ;)

I've dared to do my first clarinet recording for "post"erity. If you dare to listen (with a few squeaks and all), you're welcome.

http://web.mac.com/tjontheroad1/iWeb/tjontheroad1/1st Clarinet recording.html