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Selmer Paris 10s ID

HI there, my son has inherited one of my Grandfathers clarinets (will be his first step up from a student clarinet). Unfortunately Granddad is now gone, but he played at very high level in Britain, and taught for decades in Australia over an entire lifetime of music.

It needs a bit of servicing, but it still plays, but corks are loose and some of the pads a bit dried out.

We think its a 1973 Selmer Paris 10s, but keen to ID it.

Serial is x8384 - does this chart show that X6400 was the first in 1973 and therefore ours is in this series? http://users.speakeasy.net/~granlund/selmer_clarinet-serials.html

Why does it have 2 barrels?

We will never sell this, my son (is 12yo) and is keen to play it for now. But is it worth having it restored to former glory, or just get it serviced and leave the imperfections on the wood/silver?

4 pics of it here http://1drv.ms/1Rqo34A



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What a lovely looking instrument. The barrels are most likely two different sizes (measure and compare the lengths) used for different times when the ambient temperature means you are blowing flat or sharp. In good condition, this should be a fine instrument.


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We think its a 1973 Selmer Paris 10s, but keen to ID it.
I think that's the proper identification and date.

The mouthpiece you have is the same one I have. It's a really nice mouthpiece.

Provided there are no cracks in the wood or previous bands/pins, I'd think that this would be a pretty decent horn to overhaul. The plating wear on the keywork doesn't look excessive and I didn't see anything that was a major red flag. At the very least, I'd take it in and have a tech look at the horn so you have an estimate on how much it'd be to either restore the horn or get it into playing shape.
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