Selmer Paris Bass Clarinet 1969 Full Boehm

Up for sale is a Selmer Paris 1969 Bass Clarinet with the Full Boehm system.
All pics are here,

Bass Clarinet only! No mouthpiece, strap or stand is included.

Had some keys repadded (only the ones that needed them), Bass plays great and the response is quick and sharp. A good example of a Selmer I guess. Also had the thumb rest corked under so it is less stressful for my thumb on the metal piece. The bell is stamped on the side, "53". I believe this Selmer is a Series 9, could be a 33 or 32.

Need to sell this to pay for something.
I don't play Bass Clarinet much and thinking about taking a temporary break. Still playing trumpet though!

I'm only asking 2k for the Bass, I bought this for 2200 and spent money at the tech to have the work done to it.

Please PM and then email.
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