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Selmer series 9 Bb clarinet


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Sorry. I've used older (Centered Tone) and newer (Series 10). Selmer does make some pretty nice clarinets.
My first pro clarinet was a 10G purchased new in '77 (I still use it).
I recently purchased a used series 9 (from a pawn shop)....very free-blowing.
As a newly invigorated Clarinet player, I have tried several clarinets and my favorite is a Series 9 paired with a Clark Fobes SF mouthpiece after trying at least 10 other mouthpieces.

There is really no place to try different horns esp these days, but I did try other 9's and Bb and A 10's as well as a few others,
and the nine I have projects well and plays in tune, so I'm happy.
My main clarinet is a Selmer 10G Bb that I purchased in '77 (freshman year of college) from Rayburn's, Boston.
This past December (2020) I was looking online for an older R-13 for a clarinet student of mine and came across a Selmer series 9 on ebay at a pawn shop near Hartford, CT.
I called the store and asked if I could drive out and try it - which I did.
The bell and two body parts were all original (no cracks & looked like it was recently overhauled) but the barrel was from a Signet Soloist plus a new Van Doren 5RV mpc.
My 10G barrel fit, the instrument was tight and played very well - a bit more free-blowing than my 10G but I liked it as it was pretty much in-tune without me adjusting.
The store owner wanted $499. I told him that the barrel was not original and mouthpiece was a student one (I don't like 5RV's) so all I would want was the 3 pieces (body/body/bell) & case.
I got it for $350.00 (including tax).

We'll see if I ever use it on a symphony gig but I think that Selmer series 9 clarinets are a great value.

I see them at times for $5-600 which is a bargain for an instrument with a pro bore.
btw: I use a Gigliotti AG4 mpc with a V-12 3.5 reed (currently using Legere 3.5 European Cut during the "Covid gig recess" to save on reed $).
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