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Selmer Super 80 Tenor Information Needed

I have a Selmer Saxophone that I received from my Grandfather who passed away and need some help with it.
In the print out he had that went with the horn, it says that it is a 1985 Model 54. The Horn itself however says "Super 80" and it is a Serial Number 361XXX.
How can I determine if it is in fact a Model 54 or a Super 80? And if it is a Super 80 would it be a Series I?

Thanks for the help.


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Hi there. Welcome to the WF.

If I'm not mistaken, all Selmer tenor saxophones have the model designation 54. This is complicated by the Reference 54 that they introduced a number of years ago, which include altos and tenors, but I digress...

If you can post a few photos of the bell engraving, we can confirm exactly what this is. It is most likely a Super 80--sometimes referred to as a Series I--. But a few photos of what the bell says will confirm this.


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"Serie" :p (Well, Selmer.fr says "Series," even though that's not what's stamped on the horn.)

Poster asked this question on SOTW and it's answered there, too.

FWIW, the official Selmer serial number chart says the horn's from 1984 and should be a Super 80. Googling says that it's probably a S80 Serie II tenor (g'head and Google "Selmer Model 54"). Because the Selmer serial number chart is not accurate and the serial number's close enough to the cutoff date for the first S80 IIs, just go by what's stamped on the bell, as seen in my line regarding "Serie." No II? Original S80.

Helen's right. All Selmer tenors are called model 54. The model 52AF, for instance, was a Mark VI alto with a low A and altissimo F# key.
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