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Selmer USA Model CL-200

Is anyone familiar with a Selmer USA CL-200 b flat clarinet? Are all of these models wood? There is a number (2278) etched on the upper body section.

Can anyone tell me anything about this clarinet ie: age, quality, specs. etc?

I understand it is an advanced student model. But, I could not find anything about it on Selmer's website.


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> http://www.clarinetperfection.com/clsnSelmerUSA.htm

SteveSklar said:
Selmer CL200 - special gold plated keys (posts and rings) and unstained wood and a Selmer Paris mpc. Made in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Retail price was around $3,000 USD.
Well, the one on Steve's website has the gold-plated keywork :). Other ones seem to have silver plate keywork and originally listed for $825.

I don't see anything that says that the CL200 was made in anything other than wood. The CL200 probably used the same naming sequence as the Selmer USA saxophones at the time -- 100, 200, 300. My reading suggests that the CL100 replaced the Selmer Signet 100 Clarinet, which was the lowest level Signet, but the ones I saw were plastic -- that'd mean it replaced the Bundy, as all the Signets I've seen are wood.


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One of my former students had a CL200. This was around 2001 or 02. I thought it was pretty close to the Signet 100 or Special.

The Signet line had 4 models as far as I know. The Signet which was composite, Signet 100 was the wood version and a basic student step up.
the Special that was a higher level intermediate, and then the Soloist. I think the Soloist was an entry level pro clarinet.

Steve may correct me, but I think that's how those went.


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the 220 was the gold plated keywork.
200 was regular keywork -- I just put that info on the site just today and i need to make corrections. I nearly picked up a CL-220 on ebay for $200 .. someone outbid me at 202.50

I'm not at all up on variations and changes to the naming conventions of the USA clarinets.

at one time in 1982 according to a price list
Signet 100 - considered Wood intermediate model, in 1982 it was retail of $450
Signet 110 - int model - $450 (yes, same retail price ??)
Signet 115 - performance model - $575

then later on they had the 200 and 220 (but i don't know exactly when).
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