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Selmer vs Buescher


I have the chance to purchase either a used Selmer Signet 100 or a Buescher 400 Special clarinet. I would appreciate the forums opinion
on which one to buy. I also am anticipating having the one I choose
overhauled . Is there a better one to consider buying as related to
availability of spare parts if needed to replace any needed.

Thank you for your input


Clarinet CE/Moderator
Staff member
They are both cheap to purchase on eBay if spare parts are needed. The Buescher was a stencil if I recall (I don't know for sure or who was the maker as the only Buescher I ever "followed" were the vintage large bore TruTones).

The Selmer Signet 100s are very plentiful out there and are actually a very nice clarinet. The Selmer Signet Special is even better and the Soloist is even better than that.

I would recommend, between those two, the Selmer Signet 100.


Brassica Oleracea
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