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Setting Up Shop


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I trust professional as well. ;-)
Of course. :)
Now that you are doing repairs professionally, you may want to get Reg Thorpe's "The Complete Woodwind Repair Manual" if you don't have a copy already. For most techs I know it is the "Bible" of woodwind repair and a great reference book. Reg has got to be a genius to have accumulated that much knowledge in such a short period of time since instrument repair was his 2nd or 3rd career. You can tell he is British since he calls posts "pillars" and necks "crooks". I have met him and he is the most unassuming and modest gentleman you would ever meet.

Good luck in your new venture.
Yes, the book is on its way, but thank you for the hint anyway. Much appreciated.

I was taught BE in school (which was before the internet age), and now I find myself constantly watching my "correct" spelling - not an easy task with English not being your native language. Per the Naming Of Things, I remember when I bought my first Haynes Motorbike repair manual there was a section dedicated "to the American reader" with a glossary of many British terms. :)


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Ben I like repair techs, some of my best friends are ... erm. ;)

I recently did a survey of some local techs who were not associated with a big music chain store. They make *most* of their money buying instruments needing repair on eBay, Craig's List, and else for pennies on the dollar, fixing them up, and then renting them to first time students. More than 80% of the time the student uses the rental for 2 two three years and then either gives up or buys a new instrument. So the tech gets the instrument back and rents it again. Something to consider ...


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Yes, I thought of that too. But first I need some stock I could rent out. :)

I could supply a wind ensemble by now, missing only a bari...

However, I casually dropped word of my business in the bands I'm subbing in, and the interest has been considerable. We'll see in late march, when the outdoor season begins... :cool:
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