SML Super 41


Brassica Oleracea
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It's been 5 years since I've had to add a new SML model. This one was e-mailed to me. The serial is 443x. The e-mailer said that the horn's currently in the shop, but will send me some more pics when it's finished.


As always, double-click to embiggen. The additional side key above the altissimo E/F vent key is an altissimo D# and the one between the :TrebleClef::Space1: and :TrebleClef::Line1: is a G# trill (confirmed with e-mailer, just to be sure). That's the same combination that's on the split-bell-key Le Strama Super models. (The Super 42 doesn't have these keys.) That suggests that there may have been Super models since slightly after SML started producing saxophones until 1949.
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