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So I got that Nobley thingy.

Maybe eventually. I actually cannot play clarinet that well, being self taught and never quite dedicated to it.

Right now low notes speak, but above the break it gets really dicey, the G is nearly impossible for me. I've still got leaks to deal with and its not so straight forward as on saxophone...
Start from the top in the upper register. Whenever you come to a hole that doesn't work, put a piece of plastic wrap (Saran Wrap, Gladwrap, whatever) over the hole and close the key to seal it. If it now plays then you have a leak. Fix the leak and continue working your way downwards. Good luck.
Update. Working on leaks but probably backtracking. Family health issues have halted the project on and off and other problems have been cropping up.

Lucky me! I broke an ear off a screw rod. Now I get to buy another die, but luckily I found one that may be a better fit than the one I broke. There are a few others that could probably use replacing too. I'm finding the set screws holding the posts are not doing a great job and have to remove and add glue under a few posts. I'm getting used to feeler gauge detection of leaks.
sigh, this thing and its #@#$% up screw sizes. I was able to make two rods (one practice, one crappy replacement) before the die I got years ago broke. I had to ratchet that thing down to fit.

I think I need a 1.7-1.8 x 0.45mm die. They don't exist i ordered a 2mm, so i hope this one is close enough
I just ended up "extending" the end of the screw with silver solder........I think it worked....

Right now it plays the lower register, but the upper is unattainable. I know there's something not right in the register regulation. Damned finnicky...
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