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Someone's project horn...


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This auction, currently on eBay:


...claims to be a Bundy horn, but with a bell (the only thing pictured on the auction) from God alone knows what. I would inquire about more photos, but I don't want to encourage the owner to think that there is some sort of demand for the snake oil he is so obviously pushing.
Hmm, looking at mine, from a certain angle, I can make it have such a big lip just like the one in the picture. The ferrule on the bell end of the bow looks like mine, as does the bell key lever (interesting way of assembling the two pieces, btw). No brace between socket and bell (just as in mine).

Oh, and if you wait a moment, the page will load a sh*load of other pictures, all very Bundyesque.

Can provide pictures for comparison, if you're really really after an Alto. (whatever the missus has put into your food, I want a pinch of it as well).