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SOTSDO it's all your fault

I've spent the last few months researching and learning as much as I can about clarinets in general. I have gone so far as to develop an interest in buying and fixing up old clarinets. I've done four now and although I'm no technician in the true sense of the title, I can take one apart, repad it and get it reassembled. Now getting the adjustments right is still a bit beyond me, but I am having fun with the rest of it. The driving force behind it all is my situation. Illness forced me to retire early and now I'm living on a small, make that very small, fixed income. I am also living in a small rural community that although I am near a large city, San Antonio, Texas, I have, up to now, had some healtH issues that affected my mobility. My Doctor has finally cleared me to drive and I have procured a vehicle, so watch out, I'm back on the road! I also have scheduled my first clarinet lesson for two days from now. SOTSDO, here is where you come in. I looked over the many postings and read much of the recommended articles and finally settled on a clarinet to learn on. In fact I settled on three of them. My first and the only one that I have in hand at the moment is a Noblet Model 40. I bought it for really cheap and got a real deal on having it put into top playing shape. The whole deal including the clarinet, shipping it to me and the repad/rebuild was just under $150.00. I got a "senior discount" on the rebuild. I chose the Noblets because you, SOTSDO and a couple of others, recommended them as being undervalued. That is just what I was looking for. You are apparently right. Either that or I got incredibly lucky. The technician that did the work on my clarinet tells me that it is one of the best Noblets that he has worked on. I am taking that with a grain of salt, but it certainly sounds good to me. I have two more Noblets on the way as well. They are both Model 45's and one of them is an Artist model. They are both, supposedly in good shape with no cracks, bends, breaks or missing parts and playable right out of the box. We will see. I have less than $300 invested in the two of them. My plan is to sell one of the three clarinets and keep the two best of the lot for myself. So SOTSDO, I'm blaming it all on you and by the way THANKS!
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