Tenor case for c mel?

The case that comes with my Conn is near 100 years old, so I will need to refinish it. My bruno has no case. Is it necessary to get a case(soft/foam) speciffically a c mel? Or will a tenor case fit well enough.
A Bb tenor case won't work without a lot of modification. I suppose it'd be possible to get a "form fitting" (i.e. "tenor-sax shaped") case and put a bunch of sponge or foam to "make" it fit.

Y'know, because C melodies are relatively common, your local repair tech might just have a decent one lying around. You also might be able to get one for cheap on eBay or ShopGoodwill.com. New? I'd assume someone has 'em, someplace. Aquilasax makes a C tenor now, but I don't know if that'll fit a vintage horn.

Try http://csax.net, too.
Hacked Bass Guitar Case

I ended up hacking most of the neck off of a bass guitar gig bag. Seems the perfect fit, temporarily any way. I'm adding some padding and a softer lining. Will post pics when done.
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