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Hey folks, thanks for having me.

I have an alto recorder and was thinking about trying an inexpensive tenor. Any recommendations?




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I have some really nice recorders but sometimes think I should have held out for some exotics, made from wood with some engravings, like those pictured here:


Playable but relatively inexpensive recorders with good reps include: Yamaha, Steinard, Adler, Aulos, and etc. I'd start by looking on eBay. Or you could visit a local music store. Good luck.
The Yamaha YRT-304B is nice, although it's plastic. It's single keyed, so you cannot play C sharp. For that pitch you need to look for something a bit more expensive, although you could try "half-holing" it by just gently lifting the key until you get the C sharp. Remember the Tenor is fingered differently and is "tuned" to the key of C. It also takes less force and is easier to "overblow."
How big are your hands? You may want to look at different tenors with keys/"comfort" keys, or even knick tenors. The Yamaha is good because you have different configuration choices. More expensive, but affordable for wood (pear), is the Mollenhauer Canta, which is also offered in different key configurations.
Hi folks,

This is my first post on this forum. This winter I became interested in recorders, after a bit of research I decided to go plastic. I now have several plastic recorders Yamaha and Aulos. My wife and I have garkeins, sopraninos, sopranos, altos, and tenors from Ebay. Most of the hymns that we practice have "E" and lower notes, so we tend to spend more time on soprano and tenor.

Our Yamaha YRT-304B and YRT-304B do not sound the same through the scales and play at different levels of ease. The same can be said about the Aulos 211A, Aulos 311N, and the Aulos 311-E (keyed). I find that I prefer the 311N, the 311n and I play the low notes the most consistently. However, there are times when I can't play a low "C" to save my hide.

I am newly retired, and I get much enjoyment from the recorders. I spend more and more time with the 311N and less and less time with the rest of the recorder flock. To my knowledge, I am not near to and recorder teachers or consorts. Can anyone recommend any training material to help this ol'man along?