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The Community Band List (US)

Not really sure why, but it was good to see the one community band I participate with on the list, the Golden West Pops in Huntington Beach, CA. I'm principal sax player in the group, a big fish in a small pond. I'm also their webmaster, but I don't do floors or windows.
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I was surprised to find my group (the Westchester Band in NY) on the list. About half (or more) are professionals. Are the bands on this list similar, or mostly all amateur? I too am a "Big Fish.....as Princ. Clarinet.
The bands range from truly horrible to verifiably wonderful. Select the band you want to be a part of carefully.
Yeah, orchestras too. I played a couple of years in the '70s with one in The Bronx that had 3 first violins and the 2nd violin section was an elderly woman on accordian. We actually got paid. It was a "comic relief" rehearsal group. The conductor often gave no prep beat or indication of tempos. Like a Far Side comic.