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The Deluxe WAW Modified Alto Sax Thumb Rest


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What makes/models of saxophones does this work for? It looks interesting.

I have a Martin Committee III bari that is very unfriendly when it comes to the right thumb rest department, I've been thinking about doing something about it. This is rather inspiring for ideas. (Yes, I realize it's only for altos.)
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I apologize for not responding back sooner. I haven't had the time to look at The Woodwind Forum page in a little while. However, The Deluxe WAW Modified Thumb rest for Alto Sax will fit on the Yahmaha Alto Sax as well as the Henri Selmer Mark VI Alto. I haven't physically tried it on any other makes, however, most horn manufacturers pretty much have copied the overall design of the Selmer Mark VI, so I believe it will most likely fit pretty much most of the Alto Sax horn manufacturers Alto Horns. Thank you for your interest, hope you will try one out. Be well and Stay Blessed!
I am proud and Happy to announce that I have physically tried the The Deluxe WAW Thumb Rest on the Yamaha Custom Z Alto and Tenor, Mark VI Alto and Tenor, LA Sax Tenor, and it will actually fit on ALL of these Saxophones exceptionally well. The one model, (The Deluxe WAW Thumb Rest for Alto and Tenor Sax), will fit all of the above mentioned horns.

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