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Brassica Oleracea
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I've referred to the print version of this journal for some years, now. They now are doing a beta test for FREE online reading. Check out the early saxophone patents listed in an article from William McBride, for instance. I also remember that there were articles on things like Rothophones, Kohlert, and much more. Highly, highly recommended.
I just did a little surfing tonight, semi-inspired by reading about Borgani saxophones on Helen's website. I present the following:

Saxophone Manufacture in Italy: A Short Survey
Emanuele Raganato
The Galpin Society Journal
Vol. 58 (May, 2005), pp. 58-65

Including ...
1895 Ferdinand Roth catalog with an Ophicleide-shaped baritone sax.
1930 Orsi contrabass sax (which I had already seen).
1930 Rampone and Cazzani straight alto sax.
1930 Rampone and Cazzani bass sax with heavily embossed bell.

Fun article. Now, if I could find some better pics ...
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