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Brassica Oleracea
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Clarinets come in a wide variety of pitches. The ones currently listed above (Eb soprano, Bb soprano, Eb alto, Bb bass, Eb contralto, Bb contrabass) are those you'd find in most bands, orchestras or wind ensembles.

But, in addition to the above , you have:

* Piccolo clarinets in a variety of pitches.
* Soprano clarinets in a variety of pitches (commonly A, C and D).
* The Saxonette/Claribel/Clariphon soprano clarinets in A, Bb or C. (Amusing note: there's a link to a website for the Saxonette Wiki entry. Yes, I'm the one that found those pics.)
* Quartertone Clarinets.
* Basset clarinets in A, C and Bb. (See also the Wikipedia entry.)
* Clarinette d'Amour in G, Ab or F.
* Basset horn, a "tenor" in F or G (usually).

... and the one-off Leblanc Eb Octocontralto and Leblanc Bb Octocontrabass clarinets.

The point: if you start a thread in the Clarinets in Other Pitches forum about one of the above, we'll make you a forum if it doesn't exist. How's THAT for service? :)
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Brassica Oleracea
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I just saw this video while I was looking for something completely unrelated. It has most of all the extant clarinets, including a D piccolo (ha).

The Bb octocontra isn't played in this test. The gentleman that plays the horns said that the Bb octocontra isn't in playing condition, but he's got another video that has a bunch of really nice pictures of it!