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There is just so much wrong with this ...


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https://www.ebay.com/itm/Boosey-Hawkes-SML-low-A-baritone-saxophone-/193060349654. I shall include a couple pics so people can do a face palm in the future.

Ad description:

Boosey and Hawkes low A baritone sax with rolled tone holes. Boosey Hawkes had their saxophones made for them and my research indicates that his one was made in France and probably by SML. This sax was completely disassembled on the bench, cleaned and built back up replacing corks and pads as needed. All rolled tone holes were in good shape and all keys and rod joints were very good. As pictures show the sax had dark lacquer originally but most of it is gone now leaving bare brass in nice condition. A few dings but no dents that affect the playing or sound of the sax. Low A is accessible with both the left thumb or the left pinky. Neck is serial numbered [ed. 4 digits] and matches the serial number on the sax body. Comes with a hard case that may be original and is very servicable. This sax has a great vintage bari sound and is easy blowing. I can supply more pictures upon request.

On Aug-31-19 at 10:05:01 PDT, seller added the following information:

The saxophone bell has "OXFORD" embossed on it. Oxford is a town in France. Boosey Hawkes was known to operate out of Oxford, France.

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And the winner paid $1295 US for this Weltklang... Or is it a Weltklang stencil? Impossible to know since there was no photo of the bell included in the auction...

Some peoples kids.... :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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