Thinking about adding two new forum areas


Brassica Oleracea
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I'm unapologetically semi-stealing these areas from one of the computer keyboard forums I'm a member of.

The semi-stolen:
Great or Interesting Finds. I've had a few threads here where I've mentioned that I've found a rare horn on a specific website, generally ebay, so I think that's pretty self-explanatory. On said keyboard forum, this extends to instruments that are priced extremely nicely, too. Of course, we'd add the standard disclaimer of the WF doesn't necessarily endorse, etc. I'm also thinking of a "softly-enforced" requirement that you have to post a pic and why it's a Great or Interesting Find. Hey, I'm all about the pics.

Trades. I think I just kinda forgot to create that forum area. Again, standard disclaimer applies.

I'd be putting these in The Mall area, so people would still have to have a minimum post requirement before posting there.
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