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Thumphole tube

Both my German type Bb clarinets have a small metal pipe in the thumphole that extend a little through the inside of the wooden body of the clarinet.
That is in order to prevent condens moisture coming through the thumphole to the outside. Very effectieve.
Th funny thing is, that on my two Eb clarinets this metal tube is absent.
Also on internet i have found more than one Eb clarinet , all without tha little tube.
Any reason for that?

Good foor the Bb and absent for the Eb 's?



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The tube adds to the sonority of the sound. More bold and rich. Or I could be making that up. Sounds good, doesn't it? :D.

I seem to remember a tube on all the Bb and bass clarinets I've played, and none of those were either made in Germany or used Oehler system fingering. I don't remember on the contrabass or on the Eb -- mind you, I played an Eb for all of about an hour.

Of course, as this is the Internet, if I'm wrong, I'll be corrected in less than an hour.


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While I don't own any Oehlers, the only Albert of mine with a liner in the thumb hole is a 1920s hard rubber Conn, in the key of C. I think it might just be manufactured preference as to if it's there or not.
All of my Boehms have one other than the bass, as you need a metal thumb insert for the ring to work well.
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