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To Neckstrap or not to Neckstrap?

I have been playing clarinet for about ten years now, and it only recently has occurred to me that probably the biggest problem I have when playing is rooted in my purchase on the mouthpiece. I have tried various pads and compared grip, including the ultra squishy ones, and recently (frustrated with poor results) bought a BG neck strap. The neckstrap has been great for purchase, and has completely eliminated problems therein, as well as all other superfluous movement, as well as eased the ever problematic pressure on my thumb.

However, the neckstrap has been creating a new series of issues in the corners of my mouth... I find I fatigue much faster while playing with the strap than without, I want to know if this is a common issue, and if anyone has suggestions for the root of my problem (ie horn angle, too tight on the strap... dunno?).

For background, I currently model my embechure after Marcellus, with the "triangle" thought in mind, even pressure around the mouthpiece including upper lip. I also think pointed chin and try to create the "dimples" down the sides of my corners (not a smile embechure though...).