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Ton Kooiman

Having been advised by several memebers here to try a Ton Kooiman Maestro thumb rest as a cure for my pain while practising and unable to aford the Maestro I purchased a Étude 2. All I can say is FANTASTIC. No pain more control and instant relief. The Étude cost under £20 so I can afford to buy one for each of my instruments. Thanks folks for the advice. I would recommened it to anyone, sore joints or not. now trying to persuade my buyer in the music shop I work in to stock it and put up a display.
Hi there.
I'm new at this forum mallarky but would like to add these to this thread.
Firstly, as clarinettists we generally hold our cherished (and often hugely expensive) instruments by holding it in our mouth and supported by a miniscule ledge the size of my thumbnail on a painful area of a fairly weak joint. On a rational level this is ridiculous. Anyway, I use a Ton Kooiman Étude 2 primarily because I suffer from transient parasthesia (I drop stuff) and apart from the extra comfort derived from using this fantastic rest I've also never dropped my instrument while using it. Double result!
Happy blowing, gang.
I second Rosemary...it's worth the money. It really takes the weight off the joint and places it on the strongest portion of the thumb.
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