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Transposing from Alto Clef Barisax part to Treble Clef Bass Clarinet Part

Hi everyone

I play the bass clarinet in a saxophone quartet as an honorary Bari Sax, always playing below the break and providing the bass line. I am self taught and can just about convert a treble clef bari sax part to bass clarinet writing the notes below the bari's notes or using Muse Score to rewrite the part.

I now have a part which is just minims which is a Bari Sax part written in what I believe is Alto Clef. Having done lots of looking about the internet I am still at a loss as how to turn the notes into Bass Clarinet Treble Clef.

Would anybody be kind enough to look at the attached photo of the notes I am being asked to play and convert them to something that will fit with the music? An explanation would also be very useful so I can do it myself in the future however I understand that might be too much to ask.

I would really appreciate any help as would the quartet so I don't mess up the playing and just play random low G's hoping to get away with it! I do hope the photo opens as I wouldn't know where to begin to explain what I need.

Big thank yous



Carl H.

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Distinguished Member
That's a baritone clef. The top line is concert middle C.
Hi Carl

Thank you for this and please excuse my very amateur abilities at transposing with my next questions.

Does that mean that I would read the note on the top line as a Bari Sax B Flat?

Or to really help me make sense of it all what note would I play on my Bass Clarinet if there is a note on the top line?

Thank you


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Distinguished Member
Thank you for such a great brain twister. I love a musical challenge. First of all I can't fathom a composer putting a bari sax in the "baritone clef". Nevertheless after importing the score and parts into Finale, I was able to sort things out. The correctly written part for bass clarinet can be found at this link. Fields of Wilted Petals Bass Clarinet

Now after doing all that work I can see the simplest answer which would be to read the part as if it were treble clef, take away a sharp, and transpose down an octave. Let me know if your tenor player has a similar problem with the part in tenor clef and I can generate a part written in treble clef.
Good morning jbtsax from a cloudy Belfast.

What a fantastically helpful post to wake up to, thank you so much. I really appreciate the effort you put in to write me something I can play and understand.

I admire your love of a musical challenge because even simple transposing for me sends my brain into mush! I can use Muse Score on a Bari Sax line by transposing in down "5 perfect" but it needs to be in Treble Clef! I don't know why it works but it seems to play okay. The joy of the Muse Score Songbook app means I can listen to how my part sounds, even to the extent if it playing on its own and then I copy the rhythms as my sight reading is not very good.

I know our Tenor Sax player would also be hugely grateful if you could transpose her part if you feel it wouldn't put you out. We are using this piece of music to support a friend who is slowly learning to play the piano in her 60's and wants to play something with our quartet for the camaraderie and experience. I am by far the weakest link in the quartet having never formally studied music or had a lesson but can confidently blast out a mean on the beat note below the register and keep them to time.

Thank you again for your time and patience, I feel a great weight lifted from my mind now I don't have to try and work out the right notes to play.

Best wishes
Thank you for taking the time to source this for me. I've downloaded it to my phone and will take some time this weekend to digest the content.

Best wishes

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