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Treble recorder thumb rests and recorder widths

I bought a treble recorder thumb rest from Amazon thinking this would help me play the recorder with more ease. However, it doesn't seem to stay in place at all but slides all the way down. It fits at the top of the recorder near the thumb hole, but that's not where my right thumb will be placed. It seems as if the recorder is tapered, being slightly wider at the top than towards the middle. Is that the case with all treble recorders or are there any which are a consistent width/ girth all the way down?

If it were the same width as at the top, then it would sit tightly, but since it isn't, it doesn't hold at all and it's my thumb holding up the thumb rest rather than the thumb rest supporting my thumb.
Okay I've attached some pictures of the thumb rest on my recorder, and one of the thumb rest by itself. I'm not sure in which order you'll see them, but one of them (I think the first pic) is when I hold the recorder upright. The thumb rest simply slides straight to the bottom and can even swivel around. The 2nd pic is of the thumb rest sitting just below the left hand thumb hole where it can actually stay in place. It appears it is very slightly wider or has more girth up there than lower down where you would want to put the thumb rest for the right hand.

It's not possible for me to really take a picture of it in the right place, because if I hold it upright it slides to the bottom, and if I hold it horizontally, then you can't really tell that it's not holding in place. I don't know if I can attach a video file.

If the recorder were a consistent width all the way through, then it would hold easily. I don't know if the thumb rest can really be made smaller at all to give a tighter fit, or if something can be put underneath to keep it in place. But it feels like it would only be a temporary fix anyway, as the pressure from resting on my thumb seems like it could eventually dislodge whatever is keeping it there and it would sink to the bottom sooner or later.


If it were me I'd probably glue it permanently in place but I can understand why you might not want to do that. A less permanent solution might be double sided tape.

There may well be recorders with a constant width but the majority certainly get thinner towards the bottom, as does the internal bore.

I made myself a clip on thumb rest like that for my early clarinet out of some stuff called polymorph. That worked well but looks a bit "rustic".
I don't think any of these fixes work after having tried them. The problem is that now there ends up something underneath the thumb rest which means it's not completely flush against the recorder itself. So there is now a slight up and down hinge-like movement even if it is held in place. It needs to be completely flat against the recorder without having something in between.