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Update Time!


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
I plan to do this on the weekend of the 29th and 30th, but I'll probably be backing up the databases and files earlier than that. It takes a few hours to do the backups.

So, if you see an outage next weekend, you now know why :D.
I love the sound of deadlines as they woosh past me, especially if I set them.

Due to some computer issues, I was unable to do a backup or upgrade. I will try to get this done on the 3rd (half day at work) and the 4th (all day off).
That was more painful than usual. It also took longer than usual.

* I had to delete several themes because of compatibility problems. It was taking 2 to 5 min to delete a theme, so we're not going to have 20+ in the future.
* I added one new theme, "Shades of Blue," in both semi-fluid and fuller widths, to replace some of the broken ones. I'm looking for a couple of free ones for green (Jim) and purplish (Helen). I also want some light themes.
* I have to edit some forum logos.
I added just one more theme and tested about 5. ROYAL is a light theme that's in various shades of white, grey, purple, and reds.

There aren't very many free themes for Xenforo 2.1.x, at the moment. The ones designed for 2.0.x don't work.

As always, if you want to buy us a Xenforo theme, just drop me a line. They range from about $5 to $100. I'm also only using about half of the features either Xenforo or the various themes have.
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