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US Navy ~ Lookin' for a few good musicians


Striving to play the changes in a melodic way.
Staff member
The United States Navy Music program is announcing 5 Flute, 9 Oboe, 14 Clarinet and 7 Bassoon openings in US Navy Bands worldwide. Auditions can be taken at any of our bands. To view audition requirements, and learn more about the Navy Music program, please visit this link:


In order to schedule an audition, visit a local Navy Recruiter, and have them process you to determine if you are qualified for military service. This includes taking the ASVAB test and going through a medical screening. Do not confuse this with actually signing up, you are simply qualifying. Once you are qualified for military service, please contact MU1 Erin Horn at (901) 874-4316, or MU1 Kurt Zeigler at 619-545-6641. Both can put you in contact with the closest Navy Band to your location in order to set up an audition.

As a professional military musician, this is one of the best jobs out there! In the Navy Music Program, your primary and only job is as a musician. You will only work in Navy Bands. The medical and dental benefits for you and any of your dependents are also outstanding. If you have questions, please call or email MU1 Horn or MU1 Zeigler:

erin.horn@navy.mil (901) 874-4316

kurt.zeigler@navy.mil (619) 545-6641

MU1 Kurt C. Zeigler, Audition Supervisor
Navy Band Southwest
NAS North Island PO Box 357021 San Diego, CA 92135-7021
TEL: (619) 545-6641
FAX: (619) 545-6606
EMAIL: kurt.zeigler@navy.mil
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