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Using WX5 with synth other than VL-70m

Who here uses a Yamaha WX5 or other wind controller with a synth besides the VL70M. I'd like to hear what people are doing with it. I have alot of synths but have never really used them with a wind controller.


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
The VL70M is more than a little old (20+ years and discontinued in 2012), but it's probably the most expressive synth designed specifically for the WX7 and WX11 controllers. They also work well with the various Yamaha breath controllers (BC3, etc.) and WX5. My opinion on the VL70M is that it has "Ok" sounds, but they're not fantastic. The later Motif synths are supposed to be better, but I haven't tried them (or the SX70/SX90) or the newer Montage synths. If you're at all interested in these, make sure to buy from PatchmanMusic.com. They add an awful lot of extras to their Motif XS rack modules for the same list price ($1299) that you'll find elsewhere. Also, FWIW, PatchmanMusic also has a bunch of upgrades/hacks available for the VL70M.

However, IMHO, if you have a computer, you should browse some virtual instruments that are compatible with breath controllers. You might save some cash.
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