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V12's !!!

I'm not one of those players that's always questioning his equipment, I suffer very little from GAS.
I have been playing Vandoren traditionals ever since starting clarinet, but I recently decided to give the V12's a try.

I initially liked that they were less shrill in the upper clarion and altissimo, but I found them a bit stuffy in the lower chalumeau.

I started modifying my embouchure by taking in more mpc (actually more reed, pushing my jaw out more) and by flattening my chin even more.
I'm liking the results ! The chalumeau is resonating a lot more.

Strength wise it's also more comfortable for me. I was playing traditional #4's and the V12 #4's are a bit easier, I feel like they are half way between a 3.5 and a 4 trad.
I could handle the traditional 4's but I would get tired quickly.

I bought the V12's in a twin pack but I will buy a full box next time.
Sometimes a little GAS is good. :-D


Private woodwind instructor
What mouthpiece are you using?
You'll find that the V12's work best on a piece with a longer facing.
FWIW I've been using V12's for classical stuff for a looooooong time. They can take everything I can give them, and then some.
I'm using a B45 which is a medium-long facing.

I'm very interested in Walter Grabner's pieces.
He says that they are "optimized" for V12's.
I too love V12's for clarinet. I switched from the traditionals and I have not looked back. I find they have a purer sound than the traditionals and are warmer in sound.

Good luck with the Grabner's! I've heard good stuff about them
I've been using V-12s for about a year now. I got to borrow one from a friend one day and afterward I said "I don't ever want to see a blue box again" They are wonderful, I feel that I can blow more freely through them, and I felt like my sound became fuller when I switched. granted, I am using a student model Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, so I'm unsure if that has anything to do with the amount of effect the reeds had.

I still love them

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