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Vibratosax plastic sax video


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Sweet ride Mike. I still remember the day my "project" Grafton purchased on eBay arrived in a thousand pieces. I was heart broken. :(
It was a gift from a dear friend, so I felt obliged to pull off a miracle in the restoration.
I am guessing that parts are so cheap for the Vibratosax, it would be easier to replace the body if it was damaged. If they are able to setup US dealers and repair shops that stock parts, I could see an entire body sections costing less than the labor to replace one piece :)


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... or, for that matter: "Your horn's broke? No biggie. Here's another."

I do think that this boils down to one question: "Would you recommend this horn to a beginner?" (Even assuming that all the tweaks we've and SOTW has mentioned have been applied.)

For me, I just really can't see doing it. Even if this horn is as good as, say, a Yamaha 23, it's never going to be as sturdy. I could see me saying something like, "If you ("your kid," whatever) isn't going to take care of the horn, the Vibratosax is worth it. If you aren't, then you should go for a used Yamaha 23."

I could also see a place that rents out student horns wanting to switch to Vibratosax because the horns are cheaper, but I've seen rental horns and I know that they can get pretty beat -- or can be really old (hey, Kessler leases Bundy IIs. They haven't been made in what, 30 years?).

I'd like to know the terms of that Vibratosax warranty. If it's a full replace of the horn if there's any damage, I can start seeing the above scenarios happening.
The president of Vibrato, Piyapat Thanyakijj, was kind enough to send me an email with photos and listings of improvements they have made in the A1 since I saw the horn in the video. He gave me permission to put the information he gave me on my blog, and I have added a post here with an update: http://mattstohrer.com/2011/02/20/the-vibrato-plastic-saxophone-update-1/


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I got a similar message. Looks like Vibratosax is working on improvements, not advertising. When Japanese auto makers took that approach years ago, look what happened - Great cars! I'm optimistic.
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