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Video: Is this a Tárogató?


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
I think a bass Tárogató shows up later.
I think you're right.

Several comments:
* This is the first time I've heard a Taragato played where it actually sounds better than a badly out of tune, very harsh sounding soprano sax. Great job.
* While the soprano Taragato sounds to me almost exactly like a soprano sax, the bass Taragato sounds like someone's forgotten to remove his padsaver from his tenor. (i.e. It's a very muffled sound.)

I did some fooling around with numbers. Currently, the "base" soprano sax I'd buy -- if forced to, like someone was going to kill me or my family if I didn't comply, because I don't want a soprano sax -- would be the Yani SCWO10. That's just under $4800. The highest-end Taragato from the best company, Stowasser, is 3925 Euro (appx. $4500 US). So, any reason not to use a Taragato as a soprano sax replacement?