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Vijon clarinet

I recently found a vijon clarinet at an auction I didn’t pay much for it it’s solid wood and has 1974 stamp in multiple places can anyone tell me if it’s a good clarinet or if it’s worth fixing up

The New Langwill Index, which is actually old and out of print, has a sentence or two about a lot of manufacturers. The publication year (1980) preceded my efforts in music history. When I did want it, it was out of print and goes for around $150+ US. There is a newer revision (1993) that is co-authored by William Waterhouse.

Langwill died in 1983. Waterhouse died in 2007.
On topic.

1974 is probably a serial number.
Vijon is both a location in France and the model name of a bunch of different clarinets.
I'm not going to attempt to say that your clarinet looks like a specific make & model. It's not my expertise. Sorry 'bout that.
The clarinet looks like it's wood.
So, you work for the Department of Defense or are, at least, applying for a job there. Please don't call in a B-52 strike on my house. I know of some locations I wouldn't mind you calling in an airstrike on.

Vijon is probably a company that bought clarinets from a different company and just stenciled or stamped their name on it. It's trying to find that different company that's a tad difficult. @Steve or someone who knows more about clarinets will hopefully come and post.
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